Interview with composer May Lyon about her new work and creative process

August 9th, 2016

What inspired Ode to Damascus? and how have you captured this in the music?  I am very interested in history and other cultures. Damascus is believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, dating back nearly 11,000 years. It has survived some of the most major wars in history and unfortunately finds itself […]

Charles Ives – old-timey, crotchety, gosh-darned genius

July 9th, 2014

We go on again in a week, ladies and gentlemen. We have two splendidly large and ultra-modern sextets book-ending our concert – one by Austraia’s wonderful Brett Dean, and the other by the imposingly intelligent American Fred Lerdahl. Both are works to be reckoned with – bold, emotional and clever, they confirm for me the […]

Perfect Match

May 17th, 2014

Laila has to have hers strong; Blair and Jenny prefer it black; As for me, I’m easy and will take it any way that it’s offered. But however you look at it, there’s no denying that when we roll out of bed at 7am on a Sunday morning for an 8am rehearsal (because, dammit, that’s […]

Cat and Mouse

July 20th, 2013

Thomas Adès’ ‘Catch’ is like no piece of chamber music I’ve ever encountered. The precocious, freakishly gifted composer wrote it when he was only 19-years old, and yet it seems to be the work of a man with about five brains. Adès has been one of my heroes ever since I realised that being a […]

Julia blogs

July 15th, 2012

Band Night Syzygy Ensemble has decided to institute Band Night.  It occurs on a regular night each week, and we’re keen to embrace ‘the cause’. Socially, I’m winning. I have a new favourite wine, I get to see four of my favourite people every week and musically, we are a-glow with the pleasures of working […]

Wandering Troubadours

June 25th, 2011

It’s sort of our dirty little secret, but we here at Syzygy (when we’re not being ‘Syzygy’) don’t actually play contemporary music all the time. When we do we’re hardcore about it – passionate. MILITANTLY passionate, even. But we sometimes go way back before 1945. We sometimes play Bach, Handel and Mozart. The new music […]

Hot off the press! Check out the review of our last concert.

May 29th, 2011

There is something to be said about making music with your friends. Syzygy Ensemble is one of those chamber ensembles that sound like they might be a scary contemporary music group but, on closer inspection, reveal themselves as a dynamic, engaging and (most importantly) fun and happy group of performers. The core members of the […]