Perfect Match

May 17th, 2014

Laila has to have hers strong; Blair and Jenny prefer it black; As for me, I’m easy and will take it any way that it’s offered. But however you look at it, there’s no denying that when we roll out of bed at 7am on a Sunday morning for an 8am rehearsal (because, dammit, that’s the only time in our diaries that we all had free), coffee is a non-negotiable essential.

Whoever is in charge of the morning coffee run only has to ask a couple of key questions to the group before placing the order at the café across the street. Jenny is the most predictable – she’ll always have a long black, and she’ll want it piping hot if the weather’s cold, or served on ice if the sun’s out. Blair is in a more complicated relationship with black coffee – it could be short or long depending on how much instant stimulation he needs, and I’ve even known him to flirt with milk occasionally, although he suffers first-world aggravation at the hands of excessive froth. Laila’s first coffee of the day is inevitably a double-shot flat white, trailing to single-shots or even decaf as the day progresses and her caffeine needs are gradually sated.

I am the group’s outlier – the one who wrecks the curve. I puzzle and frustrate the baristas because I don’t have a ‘usual’. Depending on the time of day or my mood, I will feel like everything from the distilled punch of a ristretto to the puffy fun of a mugguccino. I’ve even been known to sometimes casually ask for soy milk JUST BECAUSE I QUITE LIKE THE TASTE despite the fact that I am overwhelmingly lactose-tolerant. Radical, yeah? I do, however, have a particular disdain for the fence-sitter’s choice of the alleged ‘piccolo latté’ – surely this is not a real drink, but just the pretentious invention of bored Sydney-siders?

So, yes, we here at Syzygy take our coffee consumption quite seriously. Which is why when we found out we were doing our concert for De-Classified music in June at Blue Sky Coffee we were pretty chuffed – it’s a perfect fit for us and our caffeinated behaviours. Although perhaps we should reconsider – whenever we listen back to recordings of past concerts we’ve given, our most common response is “Well I had no idea we were actually playing that fast!” Perhaps if our perception of time is slower than we think it is, then it’s time to lay off the caffeine? Um… well, perhaps not straight away, given that our next concert is at a coffee house – it would be rude to go cold turkey now, right? And besides, we’re not addicted, we just like the taste, right? Right? Stop looking at us sideways like that! Stop it! WE CAN STOP ANYTIME WE WANT!

Ahem… Let’s just say it’s the coffee that helps us achieve the fast tempos we need, and is therefore indispensable. Good. I’m glad we cleared that up. So, given that our concert’s at 7pm on June 7th, can I place an order at Blue Sky (to be collected at 6.30pm on June 7th) for one long black, one short black, one flat white, and one double-shot-hazelnut-skinny-soy-long-macchiato-with-cream?

Cheers guys, see you at the gig.

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