Murphy Schmurphy

August 27th, 2010

There was so much excitement after we got back from Townsville a couple of weeks ago. Apart from the weather, it was amazing to have played Schoenberg’s first chamber symphony to an appreciative audience both as part of the Concerto and Vocal Competition and as part of the Chamber Music Festival. It was great to have won (!!) of course, but we were also excited that our guest cellist for the occasion – Blair Harris – took out the Concerto section of the same competition with a really moving performance of Bloch’s ‘Schelomo’ for cello and orchestra.

We were cruising after this – we could do anything. Right? RIGHT? Well, just as toast generally falls butter-side down, we seemed to have angered the gods of logistical programming and smooth functions. But despite the double-booking of rehearsal spaces, the crazy schedules of percussionists, the music that got lost in the mail, the hidden fees from publishers and emails that went missing in cyberspace, we’re still smiling.

Actually – that’s an understatement. We’re GUFFAWING. At least I was, yesterday in the rehearsal for Robert Paterson’s ‘Eating Variations’. In the third movement, where the ensemble needs to ’sing’ like a chorus of hippies high on life, I could barely keep the camcorder straight, I was laughing so hard. And, while this blog is never a shameless (come) attempt to lull you, dear reader (come on September 5th) to all of our concerts, I can’t help (you won’t regret coming on September 5th at 3pm) but sort of plug this (SEE WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT) one because it’s going to be (SEPTEMBER 5th, 3pm, GUILFORD LANE GALLERY) really quite spectacular.

We’re laughing in the face of Murphy and his so-called ‘laws’, and as a result the music is better than ever. The rehearsing for this concert has only just begun, so there’ll be more amazingness to report soon. As well as a video or two. And watch this space over the coming weeks as we eventually allow YOU to rant back at me on this very page.

Yours in gluttony goodness,
Leigh :)

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