Brenton Broadstock – My Feet Want to Dance But My Eyes Want To Sleep

Arnold Schönberg – Pierrot Lunaire (live excerpts)

Jennifer Higdon- Zaka (live)

Mark Anthony Turnage- Baudelaire Songs (live)

Toshio Hosokowa- Vertical Time Study no.1 (live)

Sean Shepherd – Lumens (live)

Sean Shepherd – Aperture in Shift (live)

David Lang- Sweet Air (live)

Luciano Berio- O King (live)

Berio – Folksongs (live excerpt)

Annie Hsieh- Towards the Beginning (live)

Eating Variations – Robert Paterson (live excerpt)

Death Stench – Mathew Hindson (live)

Sunburnt Aftertones

Architectonics VII – Erkki-Sven Tüür (live)